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Cross professional to apply for a job, how to hold successful odds?
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On-the-job field begs for be more than today, the person that have many to apply for a job crossed professional to apply for a job to be sought admire position in the heart. What introduce below is a few to apply for a job person the successful case that crosses professional to apply for a job, the hope can be helped somewhat to your to apply for a job.

Only carping


Huang Ying is schoolgirl of some university Department of Chinese Language and Literature, not only the person grows beautifully, and have research very much to cosmetic. After the university graduates, she wants to pursue job of cosmetic research and development. As a result of professional and incorrect mouth, apply for a few times be rejected by enterprise of invite applications for a job, but she is done not have crestfallen, change strategy of to apply for a job in time however. She used the time of a month, to the probe on the market the product of some cosmetic company, interviewed personage of field of a few duty and the lady that like hairdressing, locate a few defect of this company product, and ask for advice a chemical industry expert. Subsequently, she develops herself to learn the advantage of Chinese, arrange a detailed transaction, find oneself to consider that cosmetic company that apply for directly. After this company general manager sees transaction, be opposite to work by Huang Ying have deep love for touch with clinging place, satisfy abnormality employ her.

Comment on

A few undergraduates that just walked out of a school gate, think to apply for a job is ask for help, always say some of fair words when interview of to apply for a job consequently, in order to arouse the good opinion of the other side. Although this also can yet be regarded as a kind of means, but say fine words often can not move blindly take an examination of an official. If resemble the question that Huang Ying points out to company product is faced with in that way, put forward practical improvement opinion, be convinced of profess to convinced of your the other side, often can achieve the goal of successful to apply for a job. The definite idea when to apply for a job is applied for and individual character also are a kind of elegant demeanour.

First impressions are strongest


Be graduated from what the Li Xiaodong of Beijing some university learns is major of industrial and commercial management, can go up in a large invite applications for a job, he is medium the position —— sale that a home's well-known car representative company offers member, but they ask applicant is graduation of market sale major. Li Xiaodong or decision try. Personnel of invite applications for a job tells him, the company should expand business, so need has the market to develop the student of ability. After listening to the introduction, li Xiaodong immediately states he has the market to develop ability, listed oneself to be in big 4 during when some pharmaceutical factory jackarooes, share development market and obtain not the experience of common achievement. The self introduction that listened to Li Xiaodong is stated with what have professional level, staff of invite applications for a job is professional to his “ accomplishment ” is very satisfactory. After 3 days, li Xiaodong received interview to inform and pass smoothly.
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