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About resume and announcement interview
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3 do not write more than 2 write write less
Everybody is guessed, when HR resume is chosen, can the resume that reads you use how long? Ten minutes? That is my altogether with respect to this one resume, 5 minutes? General candidate can be studied so in his resume before interview. One minute? That is this resume write quite funnily. Right answer, won't exceed 30 seconds! This is my oneself experience, the opinion of person of the same trades may be fewer! Can be so short time read how old length? Notice I did not say to read how many word, most two pages A4. School education kills a the dead, the resume of students is without exceptional the first page is ” of letter of “ to apply for a job. Content is basic and duplicate, cardinal principle is …… of brightness of undergraduate limit, alma mater besides alumnus and dish bird, someone else won't look. How can you just let HR be attracted by your resume? Be sure to keep in mind, 3 do not write more than 2 write write less!

Do not write minor experience, doing resume is not to write a life, company choosing person is not cadre of governmental choosing country. General we are right you in one's childhood its interest is not large, elementary school, middle school reads school and so on, nobody can look. A lot of people feel to seemed to write also have nothing to do difficulties, actually otherwise, such experience appears in resume begin part commonly, saw a paragraph this, can affect the psychokinesis that HR sees badly, that is deficient big! With working itself experience of not close together and relevant job, study is not written, lucky, HR turn a blind eye to, star-crossed, they can consider, this person competence holds out miscellaneous A, put me here cannot the person uses up his just, will also can run!

Do not keep the interest interest on ego evaluation and real significance, oneself are evaluated, what does HR still evaluate? Dish bird can feel your air of arrogance, have experience do not look, wrote only disadvantage does not have advantage. If you are written, is the interest interest related to the job, (apply for for instance purchase the ground to say to like to shop shop, apply for finance affairs say oneself love several money and so on, joking, student friend can be not taken seriously) , that is no problem, if you are written is I love to sing card to pull OK, bubble dance, play a ball game card games, I look calculated.

Direct and relevant work experience wants to be written more, the crucial faculty that you can attract a company most is this, can be you written more? I look so that a lot of resume have very good, it is experience of work of firm of my company direct competitor even, but special regrettablly, with respect to “ of a word from arrive to hold a post in the company, authenticator ” , the working experience that yourself thinks you are in this company a few years this is without window to be able to say, how to attract others?
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