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Interview of breakthrough of 6 old law is inflexible impression
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The company interview that should be admired in the heart immediately, the mood excited nervous. But, sweater is too optional, falbala is too luxuriant, bull-puncher cannot appear absolutely! Day, how should wear ability to resemble an OL after all? When you face almirah to baffle so, whether do you know, the clad philosophy that is you actually gave an issue.

   Quiz 1: Suit suit must whole set dress?

The editor dispels doubt: Suit does not become a dress. Peace and tranquility of suit of whole set dress altogethers, choose classical and black and white match colors or match with monochromatic department depth, make pure and fresh accurate OL figure.

Detail is tie-in: Delicate lacy adornment, black small suit because the lacy adornment with meticulous the front part of a Chinese robe or jacket, make a feeling big differ.

The delicate vanity that grain feels strong, coriaceous apparently rich grain changes, pure and fresh and fashionable.

   Quiz 2: Is conservative brunet dress 100 percent right choice?

The editor dispels doubt: Relaxed colour gives a person clean and neat impression. Conservative and brunet it is Shuang Renjian, do not make mistake while also make you bleak do not have light. Pure and fresh and subdued color makes you more easily conspicuous.

Detail is tie-in: Chic cuff and lap are designed, cuff place looks be like optional design, let grace be in casual reveal.

Delicate vanity, deserve chicly to act the role of the attire one integrated mass with whole. Reveal implicative and elegant fashionable grade.

   Quiz 3: Can white shirt choose the design of neuter style only?

The editor dispels doubt: The gauze big bowknot that restore ancient ways decorates the neuter impression that balances white shirt. The white shirt of very difficult will neuter style wears the graduate that just walks along a society the sense that gives maturity to wash practice. Actually white shirt is a lot of yuan of style that change, the modelling of big bowknot not only won't appear heavy and complicated, instead more what lining holds you in the palm is gentle and quiet and cultured.

Detail is tie-in: The vanity with clear line, line of shirt of will big falbala goes “ colour ” . Tie-in line is clear, the vanity that has compose of delicate fine node is crucial.

Move elegantly feeling, greatly stereo bowknot adornment, make dress has metrical feeling very much.

   Quiz 4: Doesn't the jeans of any styles suit interview dress?

The editor dispels doubt: The jeans with design concise style reflects individual character grade. Copy old or the jeans design that decorates overelaborate is unwell add up to interview to wear, but clipping is fit, the concise style with clean color, can give a person relaxed and snappy impression. Go the environment can be worn relative to comfortable company interview.
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