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Language habit affects interview success or failure
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Interview of to apply for a job interacts with other society same, be convey the thinking, society behavior that communicates each other with the language. Although interview apply for link antonym character to do not have extraordinary level and requirement, but the good language convention that social place ratifies, also be the level that interview of to apply for a job should reach. Form the individual's good language to be used to of course, be not definitely accomplish in one move lift, but what understanding is good language convention, in be being applied for, try conciously to notice, apply for successful rate to rising or have certain profit.

The habit points to good language not to make solecism not only, expression is fluent, with the word proper, of character have thing, likewise important still have talking kind, ought to accomplish pronunciation clarity, dialect is decent, sound nature, volume moderate. Common saying of the slang when conversation is ceaseless, pet phrase is full piece, with disease sentence, broken sentence same, it is the performance with language not high culture.

Take dialect for, same sentence, manage with different language mediate, can express different feeling, get different result. Be asked about when you for instance when whether can completing a more difficult work, raise volume to reply appropriately with moderate rate: I can try “ ” , with with slow I can try “ of answer of fast light tone probably ” , the sense that gives a person is met big different. Former be full of self-confidence, and latter meeting lets a person feel devoid confidence. Research says, use on raise dialect gives auditor easily to cause be concerned about, increase his interest, but if duration spends long meeting,cause exhaustion. And what falling tone can behave talking person is courageous and resolute make a decision, but what also can show him sometimes is subjective and arbitrary. Again for instance language fast, appropriate signal fast not be from A to Z invariable speed and rhythm, want a basis to be spent easily the importance of content, hard however, and the attention circumstance of the other side, adjust language fast with rhythm.

When chatting with the other side in interview, even vigilant a phenomenon that destroys language artistic concept very easily, use mood word, oral language overly for instance. Often use “ so ” , ” of “ that is to say, “ hum ” cause later development, or, too much “well” is used in English expression, “and” , “youknow”“OK” and the “yeah” of reason gesture, not only the coherent understanding of be a hindrance to at people, return easy and fetching repugn. According to author understanding, in English of the be mingled with in interview, at present has become a kind modern, the person that have many to apply for a job uses this kind of “ of purpose the language of Sino-British mixture ” , in order to indicate oneself English level. The way with this kind of clever flatter oneself, probable outsmart oneself. The manager of manpower resource department that has many foreign capital companies has allergy quite to method of this kind of language, they think this is one of performance with language not high level, if your Chinese or English level are high, can convey oneself meaning completely with a kind of language, why should use this kind? Not kind will the language convey?
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