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How person of outstanding ability of fast invite applications for a job
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The the most austere, majorrest challenge that business circles faces nowadays is not to cannot find a talented person, how find right talented person however and turn them into quickly top-ranking employee. ----BillBirchard is written

Nowadays, the business is the rarest the commodity both neither that be short of is client, technology, also not be capital, however talent. The talent is in short supplyIt is the biggest obstacle that they grow, the Chongzhongzhi that solving a talent to be in short supply is their strategy is heavy.

Net scene company(Netscape) to get talent do one's best. Sale of product of net scene company (the browser on 60 million nets) exceed with income before any software are new beautiful. This means net scene company must land of without a stop increases staff. When net scene company held water in Feburary 1994 only two employee, 350 people add after a year. Now, the employee sum total of this company exceeds 2000 people. The MargieMader of responsible employee invite applications for a job and arrangement (Mei De) tell very clearly: “ is here, employee of invite applications for a job is strategic act. Everybody should be participated in come in. ”

Be not a such practice of company of scene having a net. Cisco system company(CiscoSystems) be grow rapid network equipment produces business, headquarters is located in city of He Sai of American California emperor. 3 months want this company every other invite applications for a job reachs 1200 people, even so, still hundreds position appears vacant.

You can say for puissant invite applications for a job. The enterprise wants to maintain growth, have to ceaseless invite applications for a job. Real challenge does not depend on hiring a person, and depend on hiring right person to turn them into top-ranking employee, and want rapid.

Build momentum gradually

The way that discovers person of outstanding ability is best is to encourage them to look for you. It is with net scene company exemple. Pretty good, this company ever went mad person of the action that be like the ground, but more person insanity is confused went up net scene company. This company is received every months amount to 6000 resume, interview 700 people.

Not all enterprise is so conspicuous, do the business that is in really indeed already, can earn people again chase after esteem. But this does not mean them to cannot draw a talented person. What Cisco company succeeds namely is paradigmatic. This company is the giant company of a rich competition ability, income amounts to 40 much dollars, vendibility evens more 40 billion dollar. But, cisco company cannot capture popular heart in that way like net scene company. Accordingly, it applies guerrilla tactics to improve its image. The makes impetus strategy goal be aimed at its product gradually staple market of Cisco company: Internet itself.

The network address of this company (Http://www.cisco.com/jobs) already made tool of strong invite applications for a job. Think of Cisco company to apply for a job? You can pass a keyword, retrieve the vacant position that matchs with your ability photograph, the resume that also can send resume or uses Cisco firm is founded implement make on the net a resume. The most important is, this network address can let you and its company's interior volunteer form “ friend ” . This your friend can tell your concerned Cisco the circumstance of the company, introduce you to proper person, take you to finish apply for a program.
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