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Harbin Municipal Water Authority in 2010 recruitment
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Because of their work, Harbin Harbin Municipal Water Supply and Drainage Group open social recruitment of staff, engaged in professional technical and management. Now the recruitment announce ment is as follows:

First, the amount of recruitment

Recruitment of various management and professional and technical personnel a total of 243.

Second, recruitment conditions

1, support the Chinese Communist Party's leadership and the party's line, principles and policies.

2, good health, discipline, good character.

3, the recruitment program (a) the recruitment of an object, requiring the age of 30 years of age (October 1, 1980 after the birth), with a full-time undergraduate colleges and two graduate degree or above the table (without graduating in 2011 students), graduate school entrance examination qualifications can be relaxed to the age of 35 years of age (October 1, 1975 after the birth).

4, recruitment plan (b) the recruitment target, requiring full-time ordinary institutions of higher learning and higher education college entrance examination for 2011 graduates.

5, with the other requirements to be eligible to apply for job conditions.

Third, the recruitment of posts, the terms and conditions

Recruitment of specific positions, number of recruits, recruitment conditions and related matters, see "Harbin Drainage Group open recruitment for the staff plans to (a)" (Annex 1), "Harbin Drainage Group for the recruitment of staff, open plan (b)" ( Annex 2).

Fourth, registration

1, the Registration Time: 2010 October 15 to 19

Daily 8:30-11:30 am, 13:30-17:00 pm.

2, Registration Location: Harbin talent market (Daoli District, Fushun Street, No. 90)

3 Registration: take I-site registration. Applicants must complete the "Harbin Drainage Group for open recruitment of staff Registration Form" (two copies, see Annex 3), to carry my ID card, diploma, degree certificate, report card and a copy of original documents such as 1, the recent 1-inch color photos without hat with version 4. 2011 graduates, need to bring a certificate issued by the school of their professional and academic situation of proof.

4, each subject reported to a job candidate positions.

5, candidates who fill the spot, "undertaking" on the personal commitment to the authenticity of the information, registration materials and to provide false proof of who, once discovered, the abolition candidate qualifications.

V. Examination

(A) written

Written Time: examination time, precautions are in place and test ticket prevail, candidates must present their ID card (two cards one can not) take a written examination.

Written Content: Content Management test as "Shen"; professional learned class test content for the professional expertise; written total score of 150 points. "Shen" can refer to the "National Civil Service Examinations Comprehensive Textbook."

Scores to determine: a written test, follow the order from high to low, according to the amount of job recruitment interview candidates to determine the proportion of 1:3, according to interview fewer than 1:3 1:3 calculation.

(B) Interview

The main way to structured interviews, interview a total score of 50 points. Results do not pass the interview will not employ.

After the interview, written test and interview scores add up the total synthesis of results, according to the amount of employment positions, from high to low ratio of 1:1 determined by physical examination candidates. If a total score of a tie, according to the level of the interview results sorted.

Sixth, examination and assessment

Medical standards and project the light of "general civil service recruitment examination standards (Trial)", in designated hospitals. Qualified medical personnel into the assessment.

VII, publicity

Physical examination, assessment list of qualified persons in Harbin staffing information posted on its website for 7 days.

VIII, employment and related benefits

Publicity expired without objection, and for hiring procedures. The companies employ staff are prepared, as are the management staff. Staff on probationary period of three months, failed to abolish the probation period employment eligibility. Probation signed labor contracts, labor contracts first time for three years (including probation). Salaries of personnel employed by state regulations and current regulations for the Drainage Group.

2011 graduates, diplomas in obtaining approval, go through the relevant employment procedures.

IX matters relating to recruitment

1, the registration fee: 100 yuan.

2, the applicants qualification after passing through a unified ticket issued, ticket collection time for the 2010 10 月 30 日 (Sat), 8:30-11:30 am, 13:30-17:00 pm. Place of registration to receive location (subject to change, please check the Establishment of Harbin Information Network).

Applicants need to bring my ID card and application notes to receive the original ticket. Admission may be on behalf of the collar, when the need to bring your behalf and on behalf of applicants who receive both the original and registration card bills.

3, the written test, interview, physical examination and enter the time and place of interview, physical examination, assessment list of other content, will be published on the Internet.

4, Tel:

(0451) 87121734; (0451) 87121630; (0451) 87121631

5, candidates on the website to download an application form, a unified printing with A4 paper (in duplicate), fill out the relevant information in advance and paste the photos.

Annex: 1, Harbin Drainage Group open recruitment for the staff plans to (a)

2, Harbin Drainage Group for the recruitment of staff, open plan (b)

3, Harbin Drainage Group for open recruitment of staff Registration Form

October 8, 2010