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The resume of to apply for a job of Pan water billow
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Basic material 409154550 of number of resume of billow of water of full name Pan 性 别 男 婚 况 未婚 出生日期 1983-5-30 专 业 市场营销 健康水平 良好 学 历 本科 籍贯地 广东-清远-英德 身份证号 441881198304187718 现住地 广东-广州-天河 更新日期 2008-2-15 16:20:07 connects a telephone call [conceal] mobile phone [conceal] email [conceals] connection address [conceal] accessory: Without accessory other way [clew] examine connection means to be landed first please, and should have corresponding attributive.LIN
Intent of to apply for a job Position is sold - management, trade finance / invest / negotiable securities (workplace Guangdong - Guangzhou - scale of wage of expectation of the Milky way is discussed
Ego brief introduction 1, in nature field, this person humanness is assiduous, honest, disposition is optimistic, the environment gets used to ability strong, like wide make friend; 2, in professional knowledge respect, knowledge of major of him market sale is solid, be good at market analysis, channel is developed with safeguard etc. And be familiar with the economy such as Wu of conduct financial transactions of economy, finance, canal manage kind of professional knowledge. 3, studying ability aspect, him study ability is extremely strong, can need rapid newer, additional knowledge according to the job; 4, carrying out ability respect, oneself held the position of student cadre to organize not little student activity during school, adopt other society practice, accumulated certain practice experience, have certain organization to coordinate ability.
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