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Luo Jun can resume of to apply for a job
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Basic material Full name Luo Jun can resume number Ljunneng 性 别 男 婚 况 未婚 出生日期 1986-6-22 专 业 计算机(IT类别) 健康水平 良好 学 历 大专 籍贯地 广东-佛山-南海 身份证号 440682198606223651 现住地 广东-佛山-南海 更新日期 2008-2-14 16:12:08 connects a telephone call [conceal] mobile phone [conceal] email [conceals] connection address [conceal] accessory: Without accessory other way [clew] examine connection means to be landed first please, and should have corresponding attributive.LIN
Intent of to apply for a job Position IT- manages, sale, teach industry computer (IT) kind workplace Guangdong - Fosan - scale of Nanhai expectation wage is discussed
Ego brief introduction This person disposition is optimistic, humorous, behavior is good, without unhealthy addiction. Be good at be being communicated with others, handle software of Windows system and Office office adroitly; Can undertake Internet communication is mixed adroitly retrieve, be familiar with AUTOCAD plot, PHOTOSHOP; Master the skill of general process designing of DELPHI, VISUAL FOXPRO, JAVA.
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