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Resume of to apply for a job
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Basic material Yuanyuan915 of number of resume of of source of full name Yangyuan Sexual female marriage besides maiden an education of major of unripe date 1985-9-15 / groom, the hotel is healthy the level is outstanding record of formal schooling Date 52260119850915 shows id card of Guizhou of native place ground dwelling place Guangdong updates date 2008-1-18 14:58:16 connects a telephone call [conceal] mobile phone [conceal] email [conceals] connection address [conceal] accessory: Without accessory other way [clew] examine connection means to be landed first please, and should have corresponding attributive.LIN
Intent of to apply for a job Position interpreter, interpreter, turn over an industry to teach / groom, 2500 of salary of expectation of Guangdong of hotel workplace
Ego brief introduction Devote into the job at student union actively during school, ceng Huo school is outstanding student cadre honorary title, have the honor to win individual fellowship twice. Oneself have good professional competence and good group collaboration consciousness, optimistic and enthusiastic, honesty is just, gritty, not Wei competes, have good communication capacity, be good at discovering a problem, analytic problem, solve a problem
Learn experience University of Guizhou of ◎ of ◎ 2004-9-1 ~ 2008-6-30
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