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Be apt to has cable of be apt to---The Eisenhower reads aloud escape assassinate
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A day in the Second World War, supreme commander Eisenhower is in European allied forces of France return headquarters by the car somewhere, attend meeting of urgent military affairs.
That day of heavy snow flies violently, weather chill, the car fleets all the way.
Do not wear afore do not wear after the village in the road of inn, the Eisenhower sees Fu of an old fellow like me of a pair of France sits in roadside suddenly, of aspic with a rustle quiver.
The Eisenhower commands instantly jockey, let the interpreter official beside get off go enquiring. A give advice reminds hastily say: We must drive “ to headquarters on time attend a meeting, this kind of thing still gives local police is handled. ” also knows even him staff officer actually, this is a pretext nevertheless.
The Eisenhower insists to want to get off go asking, he says: “ if when police comes, fu of this pair of an old fellow like me may be early froze to death! ”
The course enquires ability knows, this is to go to Paris to Fu of an old fellow like me son of go to somewhere for shelter, but car however halfway anchorred. Cannot see even individual movie in boundless and indistinct heavy snow, how is knowing good.
After the Eisenhower listens, demur did not say, ask the car on them instantly, and specially sends Fu of an old fellow like me in Parisian son home first, just hurried back next headquarters.
Supreme commander did not think of right now Europe allied forces oneself identity, also do not have the air of arrogance of the person that look down at is come to help, between a very short time that his command jockeys, also do not have complex reflection process, just stem from the kind-hearted instinct in human nature.
However, the information that after the event gets lets all retinue shake however unceasingly, especially that staff officer that prevents Eisenhower provide timely help.
Original, the nick arms of German Nazi ambuscaded beforehand already that day need in theirs on the road of classics, the day maintains Xitelena supreme commander decided allied forces to death, but nick aborts however, he suspects after the event information not accurate. Where does Xitele know, the Eisenhower is opposite to save that Fu of an old fellow like me at jeopardy in and changed course of drive a vehicle.
The historian comments on: A be apt to of the Eisenhower reads aloud escaped assassinate, otherwise the history of the Second World War will adapt.
Be apt to reads aloud is not to want to come, want to go, that is to want to be accumulated constantly everywhere, go storing, ability is used blindly in crucial hour.
Have an absorbing appearance, with money of the pay in average bank different, in the bank of ” of “ be apt to, the person has be apt to to read aloud more, have kind-hearted operation more, the capital instead of the ” of “ be apt to in the bank uses more abundant more.
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