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4 reason that find new job to cannot be used absolutely
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The person that a lot of finding new job attends when applying for interview, metropolis by invite applications for a job person ask about the matter that leaves former post. If as a result of journey going to work too far, professional and incorrect mouth, move along with change wait for the element with understandable everybody, say to not have scruple, if be the following 4 kinds of elements, be about Shen Zhi careful, lane is bad, can lose apply for an opportunity.

1, income is low do not have interest to work

Such finding new job reason can make invite applications for a job person mistake is you very dispute individual gain and loss, did not bear hardships to the job spirit, see individual increase overweight is ideally aspiration. In the eye of the person that servantchoose a person for a job, such person can be recruited temporarily only at most, cannot appoint with important task, more do not talk to go up collaboration does poineering work. And, if you find new job to go after good-paying only, if have higher income,can make unit of choose and employ persons afraid, you find new job none can hesitantly again. Once this kind of idea forms thinking calm situation, your social status will sell at a discount greatly, although you have remarkable ability,obtain very hard also hire.

2, human relation is complex

Contemporary company very spirit of group of be particular about. You are cowardly to human relation and escape, you may be thought to lack harmonious capacity in human association. And it is contemporary that harmonious ability is no good model the talent's “ hurts ” forcedly, this will hamper directly your from orientaton of course of study. If servantchoose a person for a job unit the human concern that the purpose that you join in helps harmonious company to let you namely, if you reply so, its canned be imagined as a result.

3, actuating pressure is too great

Contemporary company is exquisite fast rhythm, efficient, under the working status that company intermediary person is in high strenth, cannot get used to efficient job can be washed out only. Some units are even on the job announcement already speak bluntly photograph is accused, requirement applicant can complete the work below constant pressure. If you cannot get used to the job that has pressure in former unit, unit of new choose and employ persons won't accept you likewise, because be below nowadays figure, do not have which unit to be willing to receive a job absolutely incompact not rude an unoccupied person.

4, close not to come with boss

The person is in society, you are mixed is with sundry person contact with, what kind of boss is touched likely on. If you are captious boss, explain you lack adaptability on the job, and did not place yourself's position.

Without doubt, should be the boss that you go to getting used to you actively, and should not ask your boss will get used to you. Moreover, be in at ordinary times in business dealings, you meet the person of the client with various bring into contact with or concern unit, will tell to the enterprise, they are “ sacred ” , if you still are handled bad the relation with boss, more do not talk to go up as sacred as “ ” is friendly got along.
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