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Resume affusion breaks sincere letter
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These days, the small thunder heart that Ningxia university maths fastens is very contradictory, “ should graduate immediately, this paragraph of time is doing resume of to apply for a job, I attended a college 4 years, had not become class cadre, had not obtained scholarship, also had not won any award, the undergraduate that passed simply 4 years is vivid. I want to write a true resume, but present competition is too intense, I am afraid in that way oneself do not look for go to work to make. ” nowadays, another college this year's graduates began to set foot on the hardships course of to apply for a job. To oneself place is found in intense duty field competition, a lot of graduate begin to begin to make resume already, with period in the entrance door that talent invite applications for a job beats interview of unit of choose and employ persons on the meeting. And those who deserve attention is, undergraduates are spent to make ” of his “ a brick picked up to knock on the door and thrown away when it has served its purpose-a stepping-stone to success stronger, a lot of people are in his resume “ affusion ” , not be student cadre professing is student cadre, do not have those who get overpraise to say he is during school for many times bear the palm, return some to make up the on a few societies that do not have to carry out experience to oneself.

Student: Our heart is very contradictory also

“ we are very helpless also, present undergraduate is too much, competition is intense, obtain employment pressure is particularly great, condition of unit of choose and employ persons tall, unit of a lot of invite applications for a job asks applicant has held the position of student cadre not only, still ask applicant has certain working experience, if some of ‘ moisture ’ is not added in resume, we are done not have with respect to the opportunity that connects interview. The accurate graduate Xiaoyang that history of university of ” northward nation fastens is helpless ground say. Everybody's ability is actually about the same, ever just had held the position of student cadre because of others much an opportunity, because of this classmates in succession follow the lead of, anyway everybody won't go to same home commonly unit.

The heart of small the Qin Dynasty of major of news of northward nation university is very contradictory, he tells a reporter, from him the heart is told, the ” of resume “ affusion that he gives himself is very loath. But, social competition is very big now, if not the “ ” that pack finds the job very hard. The capability in the classmate is particularly strong seldom count only, the ability of most classmate is about the same. Can be ability flatly person also should apply for a job, so proper “ packs ” or be necessary, but, this kind of behavior cannot too ham, otherwise, what kill finally still is him.

Xiaowei graduates nearly two years, now hold office of a press of Beijing, when the phenomenon that speaks of ” of resume “ affusion, he says, actually this is a kind of misdirect, unit of choose and employ persons and to apply for a job person there is a mistake on the idea. Unit of choose and employ persons ought not to use ” of “ student cadre such honor judge to apply for a job person, an unit needs to have the governor that organizes ability already, also need to have the ordinary stuff of conscientious job. Had not held the position of the student of student cadre, although organizing administrative ability to go up to be not worth a bit, but probably the working attitude that he has sureness and style; Did not join the fellow student that the society carries out, probably his professional knowledge is quite solid. “ if an army besides commander, a gang army commander is completely next, this battles how to still hit. ” Xiaowei is like this analogy. Student of to apply for a job also does not have necessary scramble for sth, what should believe oneself go up personally is bit flashier, others him some is done not have, but him some others is done not have probably, need not importune the requirement with unit of choose and employ persons to agree in resume blindly. Xiaohuang has a job to also have one year, he tells a reporter, actually those were not used, unit of present choose and employ persons pays attention to real work ability more, those things in resume are a reference merely.
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