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Interview skill: Face take an examination of an official, "See dish of the dish
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“ my proposal, we 10 people are divided into two panel discussion, center the opinion of two groups next, leave summary 5 minutes finally. ”

This is one extraction bound the interview of well-known big company: Every 10 applicant form a group, discuss a particular case to get the verdict that gives his. Did not wait other 9 new competitors talk, yu Qing stands the first times to make a speech. Her reason is very simple: It is from set out actually, if make a speech at will each, not only lose time, and form unified opinion very hard below a kind of condition that does not have foreword. 2 be set out from theory, this company always likes to have the applicant that leads ability.

Excellent performance of Yu Qing lets her show itself.

As the this year's graduates, professional not dominant ——— of Yu Qing listens in a lot of people come, international relation major is very macroscopical, do not know when obtain employment should what course to follow. But the macroscopical eye that Yu Qing turned the inferior position in average person eye to foster her to see a problem for the major with oneself distinctive advantage macroscopical ——— , the renown school that her place reads is the space that provided free development for her more.

University 4 years, yu Qing did not locate him at student of pure international relation major, learn a foreign language, constituent activity, read economy the life with double degree wonderful …… also is done not have like her little, exercised oneself good organization capacity and communication ability ——— from which capital shortage problem and the enthusiasm that arouse a classmate are solved in organizing an activity for instance.

Capable to be not represented want constantly everywhere make public. In apply for, yu Qing reachs a such conclusion, interview mights as well “ sees ” of dish of the dish below the person, in different situation, should learn to come with different kind project oneself.

For instance, that company that says above, like applicant active, like applicant to have certain leadership ability. But some companies do not like this one.

Yu Qing once had attended the interview of office of a famous accountant. That is one is mixed with modest well-known company, it values group efforts ability of applicant more. Beforehand the Yu Qing of many company data realized read through this. In the interview that discusses in group in this company, she was not contended for do “ to come forward bird ” makes a speech first, give out to have constructive opinion actively again in discussion process however. Result, yu Qing wins the good impression of this company again.

Nowadays, yu Qing assumes office at the communication company with a well-known international. She says is him lucky: Till this year before April, this company still says not to prepare to want liberal art to be born this year. Yu Qing's advantage once been doinging a trainee here at her, but another problem is, this enterprise does not know every year to accept how many trainee. Yu Qing's brief field trip left deep impression to this enterprise, the person in charge that is in exercitation branch is very high to her evaluation: The job gives you, I am at ease, because no matter how difficult, you can be finished it, is not old how do or will ask me this is to give me a half child project. As a trainee, yu Qing unexpectedly unprecedented ground suffers invite attend a branch to meet.
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