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New personality looks surely: Employee of boss appreciate what
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If think seek develops,the enterprise is in in intense competition, rise more and more strictly also to the talent's choose, the enterprise often favors the talented person that has the following characteristic:

One, have definite idea. Everything to boss ask for instructions, irresponsible or the person that fears to bear the blame, lack creativity normally, so they do not have what advantage to the development of the enterprise, partake more impossibly for the boss the job, go doing even a few rich constructive or the thing of creativity. And those have definite idea in the job, be brave in to exploit the person of innovation, just be the person that has creation potential, the profit that they bring to bosses is high additional cost.

2, esteem boss. The time that does not forget your boss forever is more valuable than yours. Give when him when your special mission, no matter you are in,remember please busy what, the work that the boss explains is more serious. If he appears in yours before, you are calling, hang immediately please. Let a boss even if a second of time is expression of valued of a kind of lack,wait. Of course, if, you are talking about the business with main brushstroke with the client, so you are in pick up the telephone while, want to make response to the boss' occurrence. With look communication, the form that use the mouth tells him you talking about the business with the client or write piece of scrip to explain quickly.

3, dress is decent. Dress is decent, decorate proper, it is very important to have good individual sanitation to be used to. The dress of company employee, especially the dress of senior staff member and when lying fallow on the weekend mix at will fashionable rather, guard and it turns over fashionable. If your dress resembles a senior manager, the it is main to regard you as regard you as not can self-consciously talk target when people is chatting with you.

4, keep one's hair on. The for love or money can hold easy and sober person, often can win honor. Boss and client special appreciation the person of those can excellent below difficulty or emergency jobs that finish. If you keep easy and sober from beginning to end, so once produce a problem, you also can be found very quickly settle way, and can meet before boss and colleague make you become driving, the job rises in an orderly way, become a well-trained professional expert.

5, make a prompt decision. Once you become a policymaker, when making a decision, want fast and determined, not indecisive or too depend on other opinion. Make the requirement that the decision is successful policymaker quickly.

6, willingly bear the burden of hard works. “ that is not the working ” inside my portion this word is expunged from inside your dictionary. When the boss wants you to take over the job outside one portion, inspect it a kind to admire please. This may be a little test merely, see you whether can assume more responsibility. Those do not wish to become the employee of additional work, career will backwater not before or be washed out by those willingly bear the burden of hard works, enthusiastic and assiduous colleague. Must not say “ to your boss not, I do not have time. ” sounds then do not wish to be subject to like you he, you apply “ I want to do this work very much really, but you want to let me complete which work first ” answers back and forth.
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