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How is resume photograph patted
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Have “ when resume whether first time meets when the power to make decisions of opportunity ” , the detail part on resume also is taken seriously to rise all the more. For instance small a piece of photograph, what became undergraduate to apply for a job almost is germinant. This year's graduates of a college says, “ photograph can bring the opportunity that expect is less than to me. Mix now different before, competition is so intense, the photograph on personal details watch is ‘ appearance ’ , if take a piece word casually, you were defeated to go up in the first impression. ”

Resume photograph wants to notice:

1, photograph as far as possible the temperamental conform to with oneself, do not have too big difference.

2, neat hair style is very important, avoid with dishevelled hair and a dirty face.

3, dress holds out draw together as far as possible, not crimple is apparent.

4, mental coruscate, not dejected.

5, it is to be illuminated nearly certainly, do not take the picture that seeks period greatly.

6, take the photograph seriously do not be equal to artistic photograph.