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Official of state-owend enterprise interview: Faithfulness is spent is the first
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Because be construction company, invite applications for a job of annual this year's graduates is so seasonal, we decide target lock a few main traffic schools. And be economic vigor this, I am in the human affairs branch of the unit to accept resume without large-scale, handle connection with school obtain employment directly however, obtained the data of a few relevant and professional outstanding graduate. We want the basic principle that attend school school recommends, it is study achievement is outstanding, 2 it is to had better have student cadre experience.

The student that these getting that recommend is overall quality is very good, after simple written examination, 7 students show itself, the final second-round exam that attends us.

   Time keeping is “ must the goodness of ”

Although ” of “ time keeping is not a when we select a talented person basic principle, but it is an outstanding talent's necessary quality apparently. Interview informs time is in the morning at 9 o'clock, 7 applicant have 5 to shift to an earlier date 5-10 minute arrive, through ballot the platoon decided the order of interview. Additional 2 in one is late 7 minutes, another is late 15 minutes, natural platoon arrived from the back. Regrettablly is two only simple ground block 2 words of car ” up with “ the explanation of mention lightly be late reason, did not say a “ to I am sorry even ” .

Should say, the professional achievement of 7 applicant and the political expression that are in the school are equal, we should be chosen from 7 give 2 to embarrass exceedingly, the impression that because this everybody is in,the expression on this kind of detail leaves interview the officer is very important also. Perhaps be late is not only reason, but can see from inside the deputy total small hole that enters interview he is right apparently the disappointment of these two applicant.

   Abstain from take a state-owend enterprise when gangplank

Choice of a few students regards the state-owend enterprise as gangplank, seek once the opportunity is mature additionally tall, this is us most abstain from.

The student of book of an other place is asked about when why choosing to stay in this city to develop, his answer is: Where actually I am indifferent to, want to be able to have development only. Next I ask about: That if after you enter our company, where is the opportunity that discovers it is better to still have again? Reply he is self-confident and sturdily: If the development to me is advantageous, I can choose to find new job. Really, the talent's flow has been very general issue, but the first standard that be being spent to the faithfulness of the enterprise still is our choose talent.

Still a student is asked about such problem: If you and your branch manager produced huge to contradict, the degree that nots allow to extreme misery even, how can you choose to do? Should give birth to an answer to say: If contradiction is to cannot be dissolved really, I can choose abdication. And look in us, employee should be the connection of a kind of approximate home to the enterprise, if abandon because of such reason only, his faithfulness is spent suspectable also.
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