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Case: Why did general manager assistant become a decoration?
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Wang Xin is the teacher of institute of cadre of administration of trade of Beijing some classics, it is one of a few god-given teachers with academic better eloquence. His give a lecture runs a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties and course of market sale foundation, at ordinary times now and then also do for the enterprise some seek advice, still wrote a few books. Often somebody boast he suggests to say: “ your eloquence good, capability is strong, understand manage, know to manage, why is the nest in the school be an armchair strategist? Not as experienced as go into business! ” Wang Xin feels their word also pretty is reasonable. One, he is in " Beijing youth signs up for " on see have assistant of general manager of invite applications for a job of company of electron of a La Xing, before go applying for. With conspicuous eloquence, the general manager Zhao Ping of this electron company took a fancy to him, and expressed very big hope to him. Zhao Ping says to Wang Xin: “ I at ordinary times market business is very busy, often not be in the home, the thing in the home, asked you to excuse more. Complacent ground answers ” Wang Xin: “ you are at ease. ”

After Wang Xin did 2 months, the job that admits him under the counter has a kind of strong depressed feeling. Company of blue star electron is new the finite liability company that establish, employee is less than 20 people. Company general manager holds president Zhao concurrently to make the same score is the general manager of branch of Shenzhen of group of some electron of former Hong Kong, leave his post after come to Beijing and two old comrade-in-armses collective and contributive established La Xing company. It is important that Zhao makes the same score the former class in Shenzhen branch member, an a bagman, senior engineer and buyer Xiaoli and secretary small king also joined in at the same time blue star company, they already follow Zhao Ping is old, ever was Zhao Ping is when Shenzhen with one's own hands of invite applications for a job and education. Zhao Ping is a person that has market engineer background, love a technology, he knows very well he lacks professional administrative technical ability and experience, express in open circumstance for many times: Should let virtuous, once found appropriate general manager person selected, he will resign general manager post, become a president, dedicated sell at the market, do free person. Zhao Ping choosing hires general manager assistant is a hope his some day can carry on.

The first day when Wang Xin goes to work, zhao Ping is away on official business outer, it is office director Ma Fang recieved him. After she gives authority Introduction Wang Xin, work in the same placing express very glad to work together with him. A fellow says: You have “ knowledge, we can acquire a lot of useful knowledge over you certainly. ” says another times: Here should have assistant of a general manager early, if you are here assume personal command, we need not be 30~50 yuan submit an expense account wait for general manager to come back to sign. ” only secretary Xiaowang is silent as the grave, be in it seems that busy what.
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