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Atttack client G dot ceaselessly, do next business the first sheet
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We are companies of a group, the company is Dai Er and the long-term supplier that associate, just be this year here opened a new plant. I am to believe the actual strength of research and development here just comes in of this company.

Of the earphone factory that a friend tells me a Shenzhen purchase looking for an earphone horn now. Let me look for her to chat, give her QQ number.

After I added her, follow her east chat on the west a little, climb fellow-townsman. Those who what do just ask she is after chatting two days (actually I am to know she is earphone to purchase) . She says she is done in ** company purchase, next the job that I purchase a little with her, assentationing she talks about the job that purchase, she says finally, she is irritated recently dead, the factory received the earphone with a very high demand, looked for several horns supplier to cannot achieve a requirement, have so a reluctance can achieve but signed up for day price again. . . . . .

I say finally, how do you say not early with me, I can achieve your requirement, she the icon of a few big Jing, you can help me, are you what do ah?

I say, I become high-grade speaker namely. Then I followed her simply to introduce our case, the amortization room of the 18DB that I spoke of us mainly and Danish B&K, light is these two things disastrous. . . . . . .

I say their requirement was in according to to send 10 sample to give them the test the following day finally, passed at a draught.

It is to talk about the price subsequently. I signed up for slightly high unit price gives her, she comes over without breath of post a letter for ages, say with me the following day finally, price manager agreed. But when speaking of terms of payment, we had very big difference. Their lowest is month of knot 60 days, and our company has a regulation, all clients begin to want to make a few batches of ready money, next the most high-energy the lunar form that accepts 30 days.

She lets me consider a consideration, say they have the amount of 200 thousand. I say: We can make sure prompt delivery gives you, also can assure your quality. But I do not have payment really method. . . . . . Next the my ceaseless quality that reiterates me and hand in its. I know these two are her special those who care.

Passed two days, he is already special and pressing, ask me the consideration how, the sheet of 200 thousand was about very quickly to produce, must want to unload order for goods today, money wants after 3 days.

I say: The month writtens guarantee 60 days of my love not are aided hard, I as the clerk, affirmation having sheet wants to receive, but. . . . . . . . . . . I reiterated our instrument and equipment again, with our product line.

Afternoon, she sends incoming letter breath to say, his boss agreed, this the order of 200 thousand can be collected especially. Make ready money, hope we are OK and punctual delivery, our boss lets look for their boss to talk when wanting deliver goods, subsequently order gives me with respect to the fax.
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