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An administrative skill that is forgotten easily
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Ideologist, philosopher is not successful entrepreneur certainly, but the insight that successful entrepreneur must have ideologist, philosopher and thinking ability. If an enterprise can have the leader of the entrepreneur of thought and philosophical eye to fall in, this enterprise is lucky certainly, the enterprise of rich and abiding vitality. The enterprise of 21 centuries needs such entrepreneur, the development of economy of 21 centuries market needs such entrepreneur more, in the meantime, they also are the succeed person with 21 true centuries, we are in charge of this kind of entrepreneur to cry- - sagacious business.

Having abundant capital actual strength, advanced production technology to be told to the enterprise is crucial, but these unwarrantable enterprises gain a victory in market competition. Be in especially of 21 centuries today, the enterprise is in competition whether get victory, more and more decision at operator manage, administrative idea. No less than has a word to say: Tip of oxime of extensive broil cangue wishs to seek tip of oxime of cangue of Mang of Fei of  of  of wood of the busy in extensive of  of  of  of  of  of shellfish of Huang post Mou to wish to seek archives of large bamboo hat of Huang post Qiong to take  excuse me

Article author puts forward: The administrative idea of scope of decision of outlet of decision of victory or defeat of decision of manner decision height, target, thought, bosom, be analysed just about from the height of the thought, discuss, administrative company, pursue the development of the enterprise not just in the management of the enterprise, more another height that goes after entrepreneur- - sagacious business.

The manner decides height- - wish to not be willing to work

“ life is the most important is a manner. There is very little difference only between ” person and person, but the vast difference that this kind of very little difference often creates life however. It is active that this kind of very little difference reflects the attitude in life inactive still go up, vast difference is the success of life and failure however. This is one kind arrives by quantitative change the advance gradually process of qualitative change, it is the problem of a kind of philosophy. The person's manner changes an idea change, the idea runs a state of mind change, state of mind changes a behavior change, behavior goes to be used to change, the convention runs a character change, character changes a destiny change, the destiny changes a life change. The difference between successful personage and unsuccessful personage depends on: Successful personage uses the most active reflection from beginning to end, the most hopeful spirit and the most practical experience are controlled and dominate oneself life. Loser just contrary, a variety of failure that suffer the past and misgive place guide and their life is dominated.
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