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OL is young 4 10 years old make up unique skill
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Blow no longer when skin play can defeat, lose luster gradually when the eye, delicate and correct makeup art can make you get young self-confidence of 10 years old.

  Ideal base makeup

1. Ideal base makeup the key depends on burnish. The cheek of luster is indicative youth, moist with happiness. Before making up sufficient and moist facial, make skin full, be full of flexibility.

2. Use make up cotton daub compares the block defect that a chroma shines by pink to cream, existence of ripe female skin knits cover more, coarse or bleak problem. If pouch or black rim of the eye are not quite apparent, it is OK also that defect of direct daub block spends higher powdery ground.

3. Appear to make skin achieves glittering and translucent get rid of quickly, the status with full burnish, after powdery bottom, professional makeup girl can mix frost of liquid block defect the latex that protect skin with 1: The scale of 3 is concoctive, again with making up cotton is applied at be being mixed below the eye all round nose. This kind of magical mixture latex can let skin look exceeding and perfect.

4. Mutiple level of much color medicinal powder pink suits more than powdery cake ripe female, it can achieve harmonic skin color from the vision, conceal a flaw, improve the result of burnish. Pull open with handgrip furrow small force first, after making the skin flowing, sweep again on medicinal powder pink is decided makeup.

Secret book: Think your skin looks more healthy and natural character, after powdery makeup, with make up cotton dip makes up water, squeeze redundant moisture, take the department that make a face gently, your face will send out moving burnish!

If charming colour is spent

Without giving thought to what quality of a material, the cheek that has flashy particle is red can make ripe female look radiant. Playing broad effect to ear from place of laugh line of corners of the mouth is unfavorable adopted method, because such meetings have age feeling. The simplest way is: Smile, be in those who highlight is zygomatic above the divide evenly that open a circle cheek is red. Want to notice dosage, shallow with nature it is crucial.

Eyebrow eye expresses feeling

1. Did not answer natural eyebrow than searching model suit more ripe female! The essentials of draw eyebrow depends on the configuration according to true eyebrow a picture, shade, degree of finish must be mixed original brow be identical. And gray or Brown can foil more the expression of the eye.

2. Look line must be drawn gently, rear up small tick off, your eye ministry more spirit.

3. Throw away those let you look the outdated eye shadow of arrogant on account of one's seniority! Bold choose blue, fallow pink even department. Sweep by the side of next eyelid on film of color comparing eye is a bit thinner or a bit deeper eye vague impression, what can make double eye has green dream is beautiful.
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