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Follow when interview take an examination of an official to cover may lose a cha
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Come day after day, be about to walk out of university the tower of ivory, the accurate graduate that enters a society people walk into office building of each big business affairs in succession, attend greatly small interview. Tight obtain employment situation, intense mutual competition, make them must be spent on the interview of —— of the first tough fight that much energy will come to hit good obtain employment. However, take interview seriously too they, appear possibly instead error of a few psychology and difficult problem, affect result thereby. For this, this edition introduces the commonnest case when a few interview to everybody especially, offer settlement way, consult for be about to be on the students of interview battlefield just a little.

The word is too much can communicate by influence of allergy good performance

Interview is not individual “ beautiful ”

Interview is a show

“ life resembles ’ of show of a ‘ , you act well, the time passes comfortably; Act badly, the time passes afflictively. And interview, more among them beautiful ’ of the most crucial a few ‘ . Interview when, must be brave in project oneself, talk more, strive for the leading role that allows oneself to make interview. The undergraduate Guo Hong that ” is about to graduate has feeling ground to say to the reporter quite, “ everybody is most interview half hours, who can draw their attention most, who can leave deep impression to them most? It is in show of the ‘ in limited time ’ gets the most outstanding person that. ”

Guo Hong says, the main way of his “ beautiful ” is ” of “ much conversation. The special skill that introduces oneself, experience, life is comprehended, talk about oneself to be opposite view of place interview occupational, and right company, right the industry, view to the society. “ mights as well say two successful case before oneself more, had taken what prize in the school for example, had attended what activity and so on. This world, what can talk is to compare won't talker is very popular. So you must show eloquence adequately come out, strive for an interview to take an examination of Guan Kan to must be sincerely convinced. ”

Communication efficiency is the most important

Holding Guo Hong in the arms the accurate graduate of this kind of viewpoint, not scarce in the university. However, in Beijing University psychology doctoral Xiao Zhenyu looks, “ too project oneself ” is not a good interview state of mind. “ interview is examinee develops his process admittedly, but also be interview at the same time person with a process that takes an examination of an official to communicate. Some take an examination of an official to be able to pass the interlocution of interview, will inspect the communication efficiency of examinee. Accordingly, he wants to look, not be you have many to be able to say, however you can answer a question effectively. ” if you too project oneself and conversation is more, on one hand character is broken surely more, run easily to inscribe or answer wrong; On the other hand, although you say concern with the problem, but because information is too much, hard to avoid can reduce the efficiency that answers a question, interview official looks for the likelihood to be not worn instead the crucial point of the answer, the target makes an on-the-spot investigation to go up to buckle minute of ” to your “ in this one. Or, because your conversation is too much, take an examination of an official to ask other inquisitive the question without there's still time, then he can give you to hit a “ to lose minute of ” directly more.
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