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Neuter changes female profession person to succeed more easily
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2006, a the most popular word is “ ” of the 3rd sex. From field of beautiful field, competition ground take office, “ is handsome young woman ” people be able to achieve success one way or another, win the man's respect already, win a woman again admire in the heart. Last-minute, this is the hasten of general trends place that the society develops, becoming a man is economic pillar no longer, the woman is domestic animal no longer, bisexual thinking and behavior begin to be close to rise. Since man woman is done, is same thing, take same reward, that should show “ professional ” and “ profession ” , the men and women is not being divided on this; And the “ of conventional woman acts like a spoiled child the hind leg that ” of ”“ give the impression of weakness can pull him only undoubtedly.

Decode “ to spend the 3 large dominant positions with lily magnolia successful ”

1. Neuter and masked play the part of be helpful for a group cooperating

Beautiful magnolia men's clothing enlists, go 10 years, the comrade-in-armses that fight together do not know she is daughter body, collaboration rises very smooth. Wait for her to change gay feminine attire to fizzle out to lens applique, comrade-in-armses in succession open-eyed the beauty at her, can infer, if she is not slow-witted,be next in the home, continue however with comrade-in-armses battlefield of go on an expedition, can you let popular feeling drift? Conversion arrives modern office field, asking to install Nancy profession and circumstance besides minority, of most profession praise highly is black and white professional clothing, concise and agile dress up, because such impersonative women can give a person more,leave the impression of ” of “ absorption job.

2. Circle point to soft change 100 steel-making, make a prompt decision grasp an opportunity

Father is old, the little brother is little, “ army book 12, roll roll name having father ” , below such emergency, spending what lily magnolia thinks is not “ I am schoolgirl ” , she is not retreated do not hide, do not do the feminine ” of “ man backside, stood bravely however, saw a pressing need of family. In career of likewise on-the-job course of study, have a lot of need clappers, make the decision, hour that assumes responsibility, a successful female profession person before sure meeting is brave in to go up, and one is brave in the female profession person of assault is built more easily naturally also result establish line of business.

3. Regardless of trival matters lifestyle reduces the cost inside the organization

Toward demit father mother goes, dusk lodges for the night by the side of the Yellow River. Day decline Yellow River goes, dusk comes black hilltop. After lily magnolia enlists, live in the Yellow River a little while by the side of, live in black hilltop a little while. If she is flyblown the sweet girl that garment horn can cry, the team that gives a seat for certain brings marijuana irritated. Same, you need to do not have sunset night to work overtime sometimes in modern office field sleep in the company, also have the “ fieldwork ” of pains, successive perhaps a few test of month of flier, if a female profession person pays attention to ” of his demand of “ sexual distinction too, textural must pay bigger cost for her, this also is why unit of a lot of choose and employ persons is when invite applications for a job, seeing be recruited personnel is a female, the metropolis is additional ask: “ job need often works overtime, often be away on official business, whether can you suit? ” is on this, careless ” of a “ regardless of trival matters the woman often has an advantage more.
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